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Woodbite Custom Knives Survival Tin Tool

The Survival Tin Tool was developed by Robert Lyttle of Centerfinger knives. The tool is designed as a survival tool that can be placed within a smaller personal survival kit or be worn around the neck. The lightweight blade can be carried on outdoor enthusiast and ensure you are never without a cutting edge. "It is a two finger blade that can be used as: a fire steel striker, a small cutting instrument, a make shift spear / arrow head, an arrow shaft straightener, a billy can retriever as well as other things."

Personally, I like to carry mine along with a Ferrocerium rod and a few other items that change according to the season and location of my trip.

Knife Specifications:


* Cut from 1/8” (0.125”) 1095 steel
* Flat, slightly convex grind with a convex edge
* 3.0625” overall length
* ~ 1.25” cutting edge
* ~ 0.3125” blade width
* ~ 1.8125” handle length
* Weighs about half an ounce
* Supplied with a Kydex or Concealex sheath

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