Practical Survivor Survival Training

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Jungle A-frame Shelter

Two poncho shelter

This shelter helps keep the survivor off the ground and away from insects and snakes. We build and A-frame using seven poles. On this picture we were able to find a tree with a bend to save cutting.

Materials needed:
* Two ponchos
* Cordage - Paracord
* Knife or Axe

Two a-frames are built with four poles then a ridge pole runs between them. We were able to find some fallen trees to cut most of the poles. The poles used are about nine foot in length. Parachute cord is used to tie the poles forming an "A" shape. The first A-frame is tied to a tree for stability. Although this shelter is mostly used in warm environments. If we found ourselves in an area with temperature swings, we could build it lower to the ground and stuff debris under it for insulation.

A poncho is stretched across the ridge pole to form a roof. A second poncho is used to create a bed. The military quality ponchos have strong snaps (press studs) and we added parachute cord to the grommets. We wanted to avoid injury by making sure the poncho stays together under weight. Another option is to use a cloth tarp or tarpaulin to make the bed. In this case there may be need for a sewing kit.

Note: We tested the frame and bed poles as we connect them together using parachute cord. Yes we could have used a transom knot.

If parachute cord is not available vines can be used to tie the shelter together.

Depending on the rain and wind, this shelter can be modified. Below we bring the cover poncho much closer to the bed and one side is adjusted down. Lowering one corner slightly more will keep the rain from puddling.

Note: When using a poncho to build a shelter, we usually tie the hood to prevent water from leaking into the shelter. Please see images below.

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