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Spark-lite and Tinder-quick

by four seasons survival

U.S. military issue from four seasons survival. The Spark-lite fire starter kit includes three pieces of Tinder-quik. The product is supposed to have a life expectancy of over a thousand sparks.


We used some dry grass from an open field and form a nest like tinder bundle. Inside the natural tinder we place a few pieces of tinder-quik

We took a piece of the tinder-quik and pull it apart. It is always a good idea to expose the center of the tinder causing the fine fibers to protrude. After a few tries the cotton like tinder ignites.

Is the tinder-quick waterproof ?

We wanted to test the tinder to make sure it could handle rain or a possible creek crossing.

For our first test, we pour water from a cup on the tinder-quik making sure it is engulfed in fluid. We then expose the inner fibers of the tinder after a quick shake.

The fine fibers in the center of the tinder are protected by a waterproof chemical on the tinder. After three strikes, the tinder ignites. Hint: The tinder-quik pieces can be cut in half to conserve and they will ignite without any issues.

We then tested by soaking the tinder under water for ten seconds. Although the water was able to work infiltrate to the center of the tinder, we were able to start a fire after five sparks. Keep in mind the tinder comes in a small zip-loc bag. If you look closely you can see it ignite our previously used piece of tinder-quik.

For an emergency kit the spark-lite and tinder-quik kit works as expected. The sparker will also ignite alcohol stoves and flammable type fluids. However, we have been unsuccessful at igniting readily found tinder as we have with other fire starters.

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